Pick the Most Perfect Personalised Gifts This Christmas Season

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Christmas is famous for a lot of things, from the tree to the turkey, the Queen's Speech to the queues in Tesco. Yet the best part about the season is that of presents.

In Britain, we love buying Christmas presents. The average Brit spends £381.60 on holiday gifts.

Yet it can sometimes feel hard to think of something exciting to buy. You don't always want to rely on socks, ties, or perfume. 

So we're here to help you navigate the world of personalised gifts. This is a great way to remind people you're thinking of them, especially since 2020 has been such a difficult year.

Read on for our suggestions.

Christmas Hampers

Hampers and gift baskets are always an excellent idea for a Christmas present. They contain a little something for everyone and they give your loved ones a chance to sample your favourite products.

For the best success, choose one themed around your friend or loved one's tastes. You likely know which liqueurs and tipples they prefer. Pick a hamper full of the treats you know they'll love.

Don't know which alcoholic drinks they prefer? Pick up the Christmas Favourites Hamper and let them find brand new favourites.

Whichever hamper you choose, let them know it's from you by adding a message. Personalised bottles let them remember you every time they use the gift!

Secret Santa Christmas Gifts

Some say the secret Santa tradition comes from Scandinavia. People would leave a present outside someone's house. They'd knock the door and then run away, so the recipient didn't know who it was from.

So the whole point of secret Santa exchanges is that you don't know who bought the gift. We think it's still fun to give the recipient a friendly clue.

Choose a secret Santa present (that also doubles as a stocking filler) based on drinks you know they like. If you're not sure beforehand, it gives you the chance to play detective and find out.

Have a clue or teaser inscribed on the bottle. Let them figure out it came from you so they can thank you later. 

Personalised Bottles

Many people enjoy receiving alcohol at Christmas. It can be a great way to try new drinks and even venture into the world of cocktails.

Yet the gifts can seem a little impersonal. If people get a lot of bottles, how will they remember which one came from you?

That's why we recommend personalised bottles. Choose your friend's favourite drink, pick an interesting bottle, and add your message.

This even works for non-drinkers. Just choose a gorgeous oil or vinegar for cooking instead. Imagine what delicious dishes they'll whip up using your gift.

Which Personalised Gifts Will You Buy?

Now you know which personalised gifts you can try out at Christmas. Whether your loved one is a handy chef or a gin connoisseur, a personalised bottle is a good place to start. Pick their favourite drink or oil, add a message, and enjoy their reaction!

Keen to get started on your Christmas shopping? Check out our Christmas gift guide to get you going.

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