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personalised gifts for him and her

Valentine's Day is on its way! Whether you love it or hate it, you cannot deny how nice it is to receive unique gift ideas on Valentine's Day. 

Some people do struggle to brainstorm unique gift ideas for Valentine's Day. However, that hesitation doesn't have to hinder you! 

Check out our list below for reasons you should celebrate Valentine's Day with great Valentine's Day gifts. Between gin gifts and other unique gift ideas, you are sure to find something for your special Valentine. 

1. Your Valentine Can (or Doesn't Have to) Be a Romantic Interest

That's right! Valentine's Day isn't just for romance, although that is certainly a huge part of it. One fun part of Valentine's Day can be spending it with your friends too. 

What better way to spend the day with friends (on Zoom: there is still a pandemic) than by purchasing the perfect Miniature Gin Gift Set? This pack of eight bottles will make sure you and your friends are more than covered for Valentine's Day festivities. Cheers to gin gifts and sending a bottle to each friend!

2. Going Out Is Not a Valentine's Day Requirement

It's true: going out is not a Valentine's Day requirement. In fact, with the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to avoid going out at all. 

Despite that, that doesn't mean you need to have a boring night in. Treat your Valentine to some Turkish Delight gin delivered right to their doorstep. Have a hot Zoom call or a safe date with them at home. 

3. For Relationship People, Treat Your Partner

Creative gift ideas show you care and pay attention to your partner and their needs. Life can be busy, but Valentine's Day is a great day to showcase your appreciation for your partner. 

Check out our different Valentine's collections. A fun bottle and nice alcohol is a great way to show your love. The day itself doesn't need to be special, but your partner will feel special with your acknowledgement and gift. 

4. If You're Single, More for You If You're Single

If you are single, whether by choice or not, you need to treat yourself! Valentine's Day is not only a day for romance: it is also a day to celebrate yourself. 

So, why not treat yourself? Something like handcrafted dry raspberry gin, a bubble bath, or your favourite chocolate is calling your name. Give yourself some rest and relaxation while learning about the history of Valentine's Day

5. Because It's Fun

The simple answer to why you should celebrate Valentine's Day with gin gifts or other creative gift ideas is because it's fun! Whether it is for someone else or yourself, Valentine's Day gifts are a great way to show your care and appreciation. 

The holiday does not need to be fancy, but you can still honour your love for others on this day. 

So Many Gin Gifts and Other Unique Gift Ideas

There are so many gifts to choose from! From gin gifts or other unique gift ideas, you will have a great Valentine's Day and might even receive a present in return. 

Shop our full gin collection to help you get started on gift idea brainstorming!