Valentine's Day Gift Lady Shoe with Sour Cherry Vodka
Sour Cherry Vodka 15% Slightly sharp sour cherries are flirting with strong vodka - the result is a fresh and nippy liqueur, which suits anytime. Country of Origin: Germany Bottle: Stellito
Valentines Day Gift Lady Shoe with Blood Orange Vodka
Blood Orange Vodka 17.5% Blood orange, this full juicy and shining fruit, seems to have awaited our pure vodka - Now the delicate bitter fruit aroma reveals completely and makes our exciting recipe a refreshing revelation. Country of Origin: Germany...
Lady Shoe 350ml with Turkish Delight Gin 25%
Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur 25% Flora and aromatic with hints of rose petal and juniper. Enjoy chilled with dark chocolate for a great after dinner treat or server on ice with garnish of chilli and orange peel with Mediterranean tonic...
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