Notre Dame with Calvados V.S.O.P
This is a small drink of calvados taken between courses in a very long meal, sometimes with apple or pear sorbet, supposedly to reawaken the appetite. Calvados can be served as an aperitif, blended in drinks, between meals, as a...
Notre Dame with Irish Single Malt Whisky
This classic highland Single Malt aged in bourbon and sherry cask giving a light, mild character. Fresh with hints of vanilla and autumn fruits. A wonderfully mild and lighter whiskey for every day.
Notre Dame with Italian Brandy
Made with Trebbiano grape and a traditional method of double distillation, this brandy has a  smooth, harmonic taste with a white peach fragrance. Lighter but fruitier than Cognac. Make a Sidecar by adding lemon and Cointreau.
Notre Dame with Cognac X.O.
After at least 20 years in oaken casks, this is a spirit to enjoy and to indulge with pleasure. Cognac X.O. IL GUSTO is qualified as digestive, with a good cigar or as termination of a beautiful day.
Notre Dame with Jamaican Rum
A well-established recipe using cane sugar giving it a light spice. Perfect for Cuba Libre with lime and coke.
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