Capri 200ml with Red Cherry Brandy
Capri 200ml with Red Cherry Brandy.  All gifts are personalised and gift wrapped free of charge.
Elysee 350ml with Jamaican Rum
A well-established recipe using cane sugar giving it a light spice. Perfect for Cuba Libre with lime and coke.
Elysee 350ml with Armagnac X.O.
Our brandy from the Armagnac is full of character and matured for 10 years in wooden casks. A matchless aroma formed by this long and intensive fusion between distillate and wooden cask.
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Elysee 350ml with Highland Single Malt Whisky BLAIR ATHOL 8Y - 43%
Our Highland Single Malt Scotch Blair Athol 8Y is one of our truly exceptional whiskeys, distilled in the Highlands and aged for seven years. Situated in the stunning Scottish highlands, the Blair Athol Distillery is known for creating traditional scotch with...
Elysee 350ml with Nicaragua Rum
Nicaragua is noteworthy in Central America where a variety of primarily medium-bodied rums from column stills lend well to ageing and have recently begun to gain international recognition. Balanced, dried fruit and honey flavours, aged in small used bourbon barrels.
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