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Diamond with RUMS



Spiced Rum 24%

Based on an old pirate recipe using gold rum, spices and fruits. This liqueur is a delight neat or mixed with ginger ale.

Jamaican Rum 40%

A well-established recipe using cane sugar giving it a light spice. Perfect for Cuba Libre with lime and coke.

Trinidad Rum Years 40%

A fragrant, smooth and a mixing friendly product for all your cocktail needs. Try a Mai Tai or Ti Punch with lemon or lime.

Worthy Park Rum 9 Years 40%

Taste this exceptional Jamaican rum traditionally made with rum cream & extracted from sugar production. Located in the geographical centre of the island of Jamaica, Worthy Park Estate is a privately owned and operated sugar factory and distillery .

Nicaragua Rum 40%

Nicaragua is noteworthy in Central America where a variety of primarily medium-bodied rums from column stills lend well to ageing and have recently begun to gain international recognition. Balanced, dried fruit and honey flavours, aged in small used bourbon barrels.

Dominican Republic Rum 8 Years 40%

The old navy rum, made from fermented molasses, it is rich but balanced by the exotic fruits & scents. Perfect for a Millionaire with apricot liqueur and lime.