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"Liqueur from almond- and pistachio-kernels"

From the original town and recipe of Saranno in Italy using 10% apricot liqueur instead of up to 40% for commercial version, this classic has a pure almond flavour and a sweet creamy texture. 

Limoncino 30%

Made is small batches by infusion of lemon, it boasts a higher concentration of lemon flavours with a  light sweetness delivering more punch for your cocktails.

Baked Apple Liqueur 18%

Mild fruit liqueur produced with apple juice, raisins, hazelnuts and aromatic spices. Excellent as an aperitif or served as a warm beverage with one raisin in the glass.

Curacao 20%

Curacao is an island of the Venezuelan coast. Oranges are smaller and bitter there so they used it as an orange liqueur. To differentiate from the French bitter orange produced at the time, the liqueur is coloured blue, the flag of the island. 

Salted Caramel Cream Liqueur 18%

From Distillerie Devoille, this Fleur de sel from Fougerolles (the free country of Burgundy) has a smooth and rich taste. A high end cream used by restaurants all over the world. 

Raspberry Liqueur 18%

Originally from Loire Valley, the best mixer for champagne and cocktails due to a high fruit percentage and balanced finish.